Rotarian Ian Mitchell King Explains how to Make Time in a Busy Schedule for Volunteering

August 5, 2022

Ian Mitchell King Volunteering

Ian Mitchell King knows firsthand that juggling a busy schedule, caring for family members, and attending to other essential responsibilities is hard.

Ian Mitchell King knows firsthand that juggling a busy schedule, caring for family members, and attending to other essential responsibilities is hard. Even so, the business consultant knows from personal experience the many joys and benefits of giving back to the community and so offers insight to make it possible for other busy businesspeople and entrepreneurs to make time for volunteering regularly.

It's important to set aside a block of time each week for volunteering is a good idea. Ian Mitchell King encourages busy businesspeople to look closely at their schedules to see which time slot would be the best option and then stick with it. This appointment should be given the same priority as a business appointment so the organization or vulnerable individual a person is working with knows they can count on the individual at a set time. Making this commitment in advance ensures volunteering does not get crowded out by other business and personal activities.

One good way to fit volunteering into a busy schedule is to look for remote projects. Volunteering from home can be an ideal set-up for those who already work from home but also works well for businesspeople who don't work remotely. Volunteers save time that would have been spent commuting to and from a volunteer project, while charitable organizations get the extra help that would not have been available otherwise. Ideal remote volunteering projects include stuffing and addressing envelopes, virtual tutoring, mentorship, serving on an NGO's board of directors, and attending meetings remotely.

Ian Mitchell King also points out that busy businesspeople with kids can take advantage of family volunteer projects. Such projects typically take place on the weekends, don't take away from work hours, and can help children learn important values such as empathy and care for the environment. Good volunteer opportunities for the whole family include planting trees, picking up trash at a local park, and helping at a pet shelter.

"I'm a senior advisor with a business firm that owns/operates real estate holdings, restaurants, convenient stores, and accounting firms. I'm also the managing partner of my own crisis management business," Ian Mitchell King notes. Even so, he puts a high priority on volunteer work and encourages others to do the same. Ian King Los Angeles volunteer projects include helping with Camp Pendleton clothes and toy drives, working with at-risk teens and youth, helping the homeless, and serving as a Rose Parade Ambassador.

Ian Mitchell King knows from first-hand experience that those new or relatively new to volunteering won't be able to start working with a wide range of projects and organizations. It takes time to learn new skills, and many NGOs vet new volunteers before allowing them to participate in charitable projects. However, King encourages fellow businesspeople to make time in their busy schedules to volunteer at least once a week, after which they can add more hours as they see fit.

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